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From the color palette on their latest placard to the logo used in their packaging to the design embedded on their website, companies that create robust Brands are foretold/predicted/prophesized to thrive and prosper. Your Brand is your identity. It defines who you are and manifests your value, ethics, and principles. Your Brand should command elegance. When clients/ customers gaze at your logo or come across your brand, they must be content and assured.

Brand Identity - Logo Marks - Package Design - Stationery Design

Promotional Design - Website Design - Motion Graphics


Photography is the art of our time. Ancient artists depicted the drama of life, death, and more. Today, Photography captures more than just life and death; it captures the moments in our lives. It captures both our misfortunes and misgivings, both our joy and wrath. Moving or still, whichever tool you use, whether, by a pinhole camera or smartphones, the photography is descendent to the eminent art of the past. The people who portray bygone moments in our complex lives are the eyes of the world. It has no bounds, no limitations. It captures everyone and everything.

Fashion Photography - Product Photography - Food Photography

Event Photography - Video Production


For centuries, Philosophers and old masters have grappled trying to define ‘Art’. But the scope of illustration is well defined. It is wide and very different from just artwork. We see Character design and digital painting around us all the time. At least once in our life, we must have encountered an intruding graphical illustration, which must have presented itself as an engaging metaphor. Illustrations involve visually captivating posters and ingenious storybook sketches/pictures that are substantially enriching to wade through than texts. The very notion of gazing at visually illustrated still life makes some part of our brain exuberant. Illustration speaks to you. It tells a story, defying logic, by creating a radiant impression that flouts all known limitations to Man. 

Illustration - Character Design - Digital Painting - Concept Art - Book Cover Design

Publicity Design.

Ask any professional in the business field what the key to success in advertising, and you’ll foreseeably get this answer- nothing is more proficient and coherent than ingenious advertising. Creative design aids your company to draw attention from potential clients/customers and puts your brand under the spotlight. We at 1928 pledge to utilize all resources are disposal and ensure a robust publicity design for your brand; something that is unique, creative, and aesthetic.

Film Publicity Design - Title Design & Animation - Promotional Design - Motion Poster

Industry presence.

Fashion - Education - Cinema - Health Care - Sports

Lifestyle - Tourism - Marketing 

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